New Attractions

The new attractions at Funny-World in 2019

We have new ice-cream in Funny-World. To ensure the quality we are offering ice-cream from " Carte d´Or"- the renowned ice-cream manufacturer of France.


The new attractions at Funny-World:

1) Tikki Takka Land

A new indoor sports area named "Tikki Takka Land" with games, toilets and snacks. The new area is built on Caribbean-summer theme. We have special lights that projects seahorses, starfish and Tahitian parasols from above and cool green lighting from below.

Immerse yourself in an unique ambience. Feel like you are on a short-trip in the Caribbean. Enjoy your summer family holiday here at Funny World Family Leisure Park.

2) Montessori games for children

According to Maria Montessori, "the task of the environment is not to shape the child, but to allow him to reveal himself."

Discover many new Montessori games for your children in our toddlers area. Our Montessori materials allow the children to develop and refine their five senses. Setting these materials at home is costworthy. Besides, the environment is important as well. Setting Montessori games at home is not going to be as effective as setting those in a place where a lot of children can paly together and interact among themselves. Childrens' learming process is optimized when the material is sporty and playful. Additionally, playing Montessori at an early age helps the children to develop a sharp and long-lasting memory.


3) XXL-Princess slider

Our new giant princess slide for all the princes and princesses where all boys and girls will have fun while sliding and role-playing. This is not only a regular slide, but also a game where the participants have to play different roles of Mama, Papa, Baby, Unicorn, Prince and Princess. The slide enables the children to learn to follow the various rules of role-playing games, for example, who does what and many more. Thus they gather important experience on practical life. 

To get the most out of the slide, the parents need to play with their children. Apart from all the entitled fun, the slide makes the bond between parents and children stronger.


4) Giant paw patrol bouncy castle

The giant paw patrol bouncy castle is one of the new attractions at Funny-World in 2019! Many children are already fans of the paw patrol- helpers with four paws. The bouncy castle is inspired by the incredibly successful Canadian cartoon series "Paw Patrol" which has been telecasted in 160 countries worldwide. It is available in Germany on Netflix and Super RTL. Goal of this attaction is to save the whales, chickens, and people in danger. Slogun of this attraction is- "No job is too big. No pup is too small".


5) Bongo Bongo Spinner

A new thrilling spinnig drum, where the particiapnts will be rotated top to bottom and left to right! Just let us surprise you on this!

Attraction suitable for children from 7 years!





We are looking forward to your visit.


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