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Birthday Party for children at Funny-World

Are you thinking of a children's party for your children's birthday? Organizing the perfect birthday party for children can sometimes be very stressful. Like inviting people, making food and cakes, birthday party decorations, sending birthday invitation cards, thinking about birthday games for kids, cleaning after the party and monitoring everything is not so easy.

That's why we came up with ideas for children's birthday parties. At Funny-World you can organize a birthday party for your children. If you think about where you can celebrate your child's birthday, then what could be better than Funny-World?

From sending out invitation cards for your children's birthday parties to finding ideas for a birthday party to birthday decorations for children and birthday games, we arrange it all. You only need to be present on that day, that's all!

Think of a scenario, your child will be turned into 2 this year. You are planning a birthday party for your child. There are many aspects that require your concentration. Firstly, a kid of 2 years need to be watched all the time. If you are planning on the preparation for the birthday party at your house, then who is going to be looking after the kid?

This is why, we are offering to organize everything for you! Starting from a kid's party decoration, invitation cards crafting, the games suitable to a kid's birthday to the food and cake - everything!! Besides, you don't have to think about the cleaning after the party is over!!!

How cool is that?

Last but not the least, we have a number of invitation card's template for the kid's birthday party that will definitely inspire you to contact us. Just give us a call for more information!

Therefore, an amazing and unforgettable birthday party for your child at Funny-World family amusement park is just a few clicks away from now on. Here how it works explained in a detailed manner-

First of all, what are pros of arranging a birthday party for your child/children at Funny-World:

  1. It eases up tihngs for you in a great deal! You do not need to take the brainload and or workload of decorating house, making sure that everything works on your favor on the birthday and cleaning the house after the party.
  2. Ordering is possible via phone or online banking.
  3. It is completely stress-free. As we told, organizing a great memorable party is our responsibility. You only need to be present on the right day on a precise time at Funny-World with the birthday kid and other registered guests.
  4. We offer the birthday party packages at affordable rates for everyone. This is why you won’t see much difference on the prices of different packages. This helps us to keep the discrimination at its lowest and happiness at its best!
  5. We ensure a tremendous successful birthday party for your beloved children. A party that they will never forget. A party that will stay in the memory-cell forever.
  6. Entertainment and satisfaction guaranteed!
  7. The party is weather-proof, which means if it’s a rainy day, or it’s a day with cold snow, even if it is a day with sharp heat wave, we ensure you the most comfortable indoor and according to the possibility outdoor facilities with full-entrance.

The birthday kid will be offered a free entry at the park till the 14th day from the birthday. It is advised to have an ID as a proof which will help both of us to cooperate at the level best.

Beneath is our birthday offers. Before jumping into the price chart, we would like to humbly claim that, we are offering the best price in all our service comparing to the other indoor halls and family amusement parks of Baden-Württemberg. Besides, you can bring your own foods in our park Regardless we discourage to bring foods from other shops (ex. McDonalds, Burger King, Doner Kebab etc.). We have a couple of restaurants in the park which are pretty good comparing to any other food chains or food parcel service in the surrounded area. However, any home-made food or birthday cake is perfectly fine and we would love to offer cutlery, forks and spoons (1.50 Euro per person) if necessary.  

We offer “birthday cakes” for 30 Euro as well. The payment needs to be made a week before the birthday in that case.

  •  Good to know beforehand

Online booking is possible at least three days earlier from the birthday. The booking is non-refundable and not mergeable with any other ongoing offers of Funny-World. 

Funny-World offers warm food at the El Toro restaurant, such as burger, sausage, homemade waffle and pancake, donut and muffin, drinks, snacks etc. Please consider our waste policy which you will find elaborately explained in the park at multiple places. Sometimes guests are tended to leave their table after eating without cleaning. We discourage that act. In a family amusement park like Funny-World, your child is about learn everything you do and apply in real life scenario. Therefore, our request to the parents to put ideal examples in front of their child.

  • How does a birthday party at Funny-World look like?
  1.  It starts from the printing of the precise invitation card from our website. You can download the card and print that for inviting your guests. Besides, you can also invite your guests personally. Afterwards once you have the number of the guests, then book your party and make the payment online. Please consider that the order of a birthday party needs to be made at least three days before the birthday.
  2. You will receive the tickets by E-Mail for printing and distributing among your guests.
  3. On the birthday, show the tickets in the entrance and our friendly workers will set you up with the pre-decorated table as per your order.

Please note that your orders are to be picked up directly at the self-service restaurant. If there are a lot of guest, then it might take longer than you thought. In that case, we would like to ask for patience from all of you because, it is not going to take too long at all.

Here is our different package offers:


Entrance for the whole day in Funny-World
and in the indoor hall Tortuga

+ 1 Hamburger or 4 Nuggets or 1 Sausage

+ 1 plate of french-fries with tomato ketchup

+ 1 bottle of juice or mineral water 0,5 L

+ 1 Minimilk Ice-cream

Entrance for the whole day in Funny-World
and in the indoor hall Tortuga

+ 1 plate of french-fries with tomato ketchup

+ 1 Caprisun

+ 1 Donut or 1 Cupcake

Entrance for the whole day in Funny-World
and in the indoor hall Tortuga

+ 1 Donut or 1 Cupcake

+ 1 bottle of juice or mineral water 0,5 L

Children up to 2 years 15,50 € 11,90 € 10,90 €
from 3 to 17 years
16,50 € 12,90 € 11,90 €
9,00 € 5,50 € 3,90 €
Birthday child 9,00 € 5,50 € 3,90 €

Other guests: 7,50 €/person in stead of 11,50 €/person!!! (Brand New Special Price)

Besides the above mentioned packages, reserving a decorated table (pirate or princess) for 2,90 €/child is also possible. Admission price are excluded from all the prices. However, the birthday child will have a free entry to the park on the day of celebration.


Package booking for children's birthday-party is possible with a notice of three days, and it is not redeemable with any other discount coupons.


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