About us

About us

Welcome to the Funny-World family amusement park and the new indoor hall Tortuga Kinderland, the country where no rain falls.

Located directly at the bottom of the Taubergießen nature reserve you will find the popular Funny-World-Germany family amusement park. Since 1999, we have been offering our guests a variety of enjoyable moments. The family amusement park has also been awarded " especially recommended for children" by the amusement park critics.

The amusement park is open all year round, except for a short revisions break between the summer and winter seasons.


To make the Funny-World an unique and eye-catchy destination at summer 2019, we lined up quite a lot of interesting attractions. The water pod is waiting to receive guests to its fullest capacity. A lot of new water-boarding attractions are being built up, for instance, water-canons for children, water-sliders, water-boats with both paddling and rowing facility and many more. Taken from our previous experience of the effect of climate change all over the world accordingly in Germany, we have set up a handful of air conditioners at the Tortuga indoor hall, which means no one has to suffer through the massive heat waves at all. The air conditioners are ready to provide a comfortable and soothing environment to those who are not habituated with extreme hot condition. Last but not the least, we have planned a plenty of summer based drinks to serve to our guests as well.


During the winter season, in order to make the rainy and cold days attractive at the Funny-World, we completely redesigned the entrance area at 2016 and built an unique pirate island indoor hall of almost two thousand square meters. So, the small and big adventurers, looters, pirates and fairies can let off their steam as much as they want. Additionally, we have plenty of regular event and parties lined on for the winter 2019, for example, Halloween party, Christmas party, children workshops etc. Children are encouraged to wear costume at the Halloween parties, for instance, princess, knight, witch, ghost, vampire, pirate, fairy or whatever they feel comfortable with! Therefore they will receive a surprise gift from the park authority.   

However, apart from all the above mentioned attractions, we are planning a handful of surprises for our guests too! Here is a short-highlight of that:

- Santa Claus will be visiting the park every Saturday and Sunday during the holidays to have fun with the children.

- 300 christmas trees will be available to decorate for the children and the decoirs will receive gifts from the park!

- Two bouncy castles with brand new themes will be build for children over 3 years. There are sliders, polar bear, Santa Claus and many more additions in each of the bouncy castles. Children will be having the opportunity to go through a lot of interesting activities while experiencing the bouncy castles.

- There will be a huge glass-made transparent snowing globe and guess what? The guests will be able to go inside of the globe and take photos! It will be looking like they are inside of a globe where it is snowing, just like those mind-blowing little piece of artifacts at the souvenir shops!

-Talking about the souvenir, we gurantee the best quality at the lowest price comparing to the other amusement parks and home-decor shops all over the Europe when it comes to the question of our souvenir collection.

- There will a gigantic ball-pit shaped as a christmas giftbox at the toddler area (under 3 years).

Aside from that, the whole park will be filled with snow, which allows us to recreate an wonderful winter ambience every year with lights, christmas trees, decorations and polar bear show. Everything is tailored to ensure a classic family experience with the children. However, from prior experience we have seen that the park gets over flooded with guests in the winter season. Therefore, it could a really good idea to book your own ticket now, before all of those run out of sale. 

Additionally, the Funny-World is excitedly presenting children-workshop from the winter season 2018. That was a great success last year and encouraged us to arrange it again at the upcoming winter season.


Usually the workshops are fully packed with fun activities. We start the workshop every Wednesday from 3 pm and it goes on till 4. We advise the children to be really on time because once the workshop is started, it is not possible to re-run the activities for anyone who is late. Also, it is a great practice to mention at the entry-desk that the children would like to be participating at the workshop because, that helps us to arrange the workshop better respectively serve our guests better. The workshop-activities are designed along with the lines of common interest of children, for example, craving pumpkin, drawing picture, cutting paper and creating origami and many more. 

Moreover, the outdoor attractions are also open at winter, apart from the aquatic attractions.

All year around (not relevant to the weather)

Please do not think that the attractions from summer are not open at winter. We keep most of the attractions as well as ride open in both winter and summer season. However, some of the ride and attractions are meant to keep close at winter such as the water-boarding related attractions.

As mentioned, we keep most of our rides open all over the year. The Mexican horse-riding track for example, which is a rail-guided self-service ride for children and adults. That ride ensures an amusing feeling always. Besides, the absolute highlights of the park “Mexican Post” for up to four adult, and the “Flying Sombrero” are also open throughout the whole year.

Another all year round attraction is the children's circus! Daring acrobats, dangerous predators, funny clowns and exciting animals are there for all over the world to entertain the guests. The attraction is equipped with its own special railway.

Attractions for the disabled people

The entire Funny-world is built in a handicapped-friendly way so that the disable people can hover through the whole premises without any trouble. There are special rides where they can take part as well. The Mexican whirlwind   offers the chance of riding with wheelchairs on it. It is one of those rides that stay open all year round, ensures exciting and unforgettable experience with a capacity of three wheelchairs as well as six people having inside. Also, the Funny-World offers free entry to the disabled people at any time of the year.

Come visit the best children amusement park in Germany

To conclude, there are many attractions apart from the ones explained above, such as, the babies' area with ball pit, spring castles, giant bike, waterway, bumper boat and much more. We ensure all year around a stress-free family day at the Funny-World. The games and rides are designed for children up to 12 years but the parents or guests older than 12 will also not be left out, we guarantee! We are located just three minutes away from the boundary of the region ‘Elsaß’ from France, and seven minutes away from the Europa-Park.

Come and visit the Funny-World to have an outstanding day with your family. You can buy tickets online. We offer daily, as well as yearly tickets with a lot of discount. Please check our 'Tickets and Offers' page for buying ticket online.

With warm regards and love,

Your Funny-World Team

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